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Day 4 - 30/40 day smoker

Hi all .I have just joined this forum and it is great .We can read the stories and really get identification . It can help us stay off the buggers ! I found Alan Car's book today and have had it for 20 odd years . It was yellow from the years of nicotine smoke and even had a Kensitas coupon marking the last page I had read - 1st chapter !! I am a 58 year old female ,on my own and thankfully dont have any smokers in the house . I decorated my lounge recently with my son ,who has recently stopped smoking as well . I sprayed the cornices and walls with sugar soap before apinting and the tar ran down all the walls !! It was disgusting and looked like something out of a psycho film . This is why I have stopped - sick of everything that goes with smoking . I will tell you folks your addiction increases with age . I was chain smoking at any opportunity . As soon as I HAD ONE i WANTED ANOTHER - TALK ABOUT BINGE SMOKING !!

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Welcome Annie - as you have seen from the board, you will find people at all stages of quit, more than willing to help others out. One thing that helped me at first was my quit list, my 20 odd reasons for quitting; those first few weeks they were not far from me (nor was chocolate).

Lovely time of year to quit and air out the house! Hope to see you round the board Annie:)




Great to get a response ! Thanks and hope you are okay and hanging in there ? Annie ps my name is actually Frances and I should have called myself nofag frannie !


Hello Frances!

Crap, I did up a nice reply but it went to computer heaven; twas so nicely worded about what a battle you have to face, but its all worthwhile....

Frances, if I can get this far, anyone can. I never thought it would be such a fight let alone that I could win it (so far anyway).

This forum is a great place for you to find support. Under the Quick Links, join the April Quit group and as I have seen others say before me, read, read read

I will not offer you luck Frances, but courage for the battle.



Frances - hope it's going well, that's certainly one of the more creative reasons to give up I've heard, but whatever the reason if it works for you then great !

I agree with you that the older you get the more you want to smoke.

I have just returned from a holiday and reckon I was going through 25-30 a day, which is 10-15 more than I would usually smoke, but I definitely felt the need to smoke more and more in recent months - I got through 6 fags at Bangkok airport in 45 mins whilst waiting for connecting flight, sick eh ?

I had man flu around early March and have been waking up during the night wheezing every night since, I've been smoke free for 4 days and that's already eased.

Determined to make it this time...


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