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anxiety and everything on day 14

i can't believe i'm here i have bad depressiona and anxiety and it has been so hard to cope with that and this, my mind has been doing all things to upset me and my only way i felt i'd be ok was to smoke, but i still havent.

today i really want one i dunno why, i just find it hard to get up or to face work and people and the moment still, does anyone else feel like this? and my energy levels are worse than normal.

I also keep on getting paranoid over things like my relationship and if i capable to perform at work, does anyone else get this and if so does it pass?? cheers again, you guys are wicked on here

hope you are all well


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Hi glad you're holding onto your quit. I myself am on champix so I've been lucky and not had any bad effects. However, from what I've read on here other people have gone through similar things.

Do take a read through other threads I'm sure you'll be able to relate to others and discover you are not alone and that it indeed does pass.

You decided to quit and you've held on even though today is such a rough day. GOOD GOING!!! Just do keep in mind, things pass and at the end of the road you will be so proud of yourself.

Do keep reading posts and post again, you will find much help and support here, as I did.

Good luck!! :)


All part of the quit Im afraid, Champix or not, most of us going through some form of depression. It happened at the beginning of April for me about 7/8 weeks in. I experienced exactly the same feelings as you, especially the paranoia at work!!

You are going through a period of bereavment and loss, try some exercise may be? Help me, I also had a good cry, posted on here and confided in a couple of friends, a problem shared and all that. I can promise it will pass, stay strong, keep reading and posting :)



nice to not feel alone and that others feel like this, i don't know what i'd do without you guys on here, it's such a great place and everyone is amazing xx


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