No Smoking Day
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I am a non smoker

hello boys and girls I'm adam.

I quit on Monday (28th march) so this is my third day.

Not finding it too bad really, I read the Allen Carr book and I think that it is going to get me through this.

The hardest times for me are evenings, my partners at work and our son is in bed so I'm sat around not doing much. Cravings are coming and going at a much faster rate than all day today while I was at work.

I'm finding it easier to NOT change my routine ie I still go outside with the smokers on breaks at work... I feel that if I forced myself to stay inside it would wind me up even more.

Looking forward to the 1 week milestone

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Welcome Adam.

I'm fairly new here too (day 34).

You will find a ton of support and advice from all sorts of great people.


Hi Adam and welcome to the forum. 3 days is a great achievement I know 3 months even 3 weeks will seem a long way off for you at the moment but it's not, it's very reachable.

There is plenty of help and advice on here, I suggest you read as many posts and links as you can. It will all help you especially at the start.

Take it one day at a time or even 1 hour at a time and it will build into weeks and months.

I like the positive line "I'm a non smoker" keep believing thatn and you will succeed.



i have been counting down the hours!!:o

in half an hour it will be 72!


i have been counting down the hours!!:o

in half an hour it will be 72!



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