Day 31

well im on my 5th week now. And very pleased with myself. I keep my days busy and at night time im either on the computer or reading. But as this is my 3rd time to quit i know my pitfalls. And it will be great if i can get past 3months and beyond. I know its only my 5th week sometimes i am rather edgy and my hub puts up with quite alot. But i wish he would give up time will tell. I know he has cut down quite alot. He smokes outside so thats ok . But after he cleans his teeth i can still smell that stale smell lingering from room to room. It makes me feel sick. Well at least i dont smell like an ashtray anymore. I hope everyone is doing well.

2 Replies

  • Well done, you are doing great! :D

    It is very hard with having a smoker around, my husband smokes and I can smell him a mile off now!

  • A few members have partners that smoke and I could imagine that would be a struggle.

    You both are doing amazing for being so tolerant :cool:

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