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Im 4 days into

four days in guys and feeling not to shabby - I have my weird moments and also come down from 21mg patches to 14mg - i feel now I can actually do this and alot of this is thanks to your guys help and support.

Drives me mad the people who think that smoking is easy to pack in - its a nightmare, the pain I have is awful in my arms, chest and legs ATM - That will pass though so its worth it.

A massive thanks to you all and good luck everyone else on their quit

Megga hugs and thanks


with the best of wishes always

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Aaron, you're doing great. Keep on trucking!



Hey Aaron, well done!!

Know what you mean about people who think it's easy. My mother (who has never smoked) made a joke on my day 3 about did I want to go for a fag.... a JOKE!!! :mad: She honestly thought she was being funny. ha bleedin ha!!!

Made her take me out for a very expensive lunch as a big fat sorry!:D

Keep going, you're doing so well.


Hey Aaron

good to see you moving up the boards, as Hels said "keep on trucking".

As to your aches etc, this is probably most due to feeling coming back to your arms as the amount of nicotine in your body reduces.

No doubt one of the patch people will be along shortly but each step down will result in a readjustment, so jus tto be aware of it. The tingling sensation you might be feeling is also due to this.

Have a quick look at femaleDale's sig at the symptoms link - lots of good advice in there.

If I remember correctly you are off on the lash tonight? Be careful, alcohol can be deadly to a quit as it lowers inhibitions, also alcohol cancels out nicotine hence the reason we smoked more when drinking. Just be aware of all this so you can keep yourself strong and with the plan.



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