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starting week 2


I am new to this forum but thought I would write my experience so far!!! Also, to try and get some support from you guys

I have been on champix for 4 weeks now and stopped smoking 2 days earlier than my quit date due to the fact that the ciggies I originally enjoyed did not have the same enjoyment as they once had!! Tasted disgusting and literally had to force myself to smoke. So I had my last 2 puffs (cos that is all I could stand) on the 12th March.

Champix do make me slightly queasy but if taken with food they are not too bad. Actually the sickness makes me not want to smoke at all. I have to say I have given up before but with Champix it does feel a lot better. I even sometimes don't take the nightime one if it is too late when I get in from work.

Went shopping in town today and honestly couldn't believe how sick I felt when I walked behind someone smoking and it was blowing in my face. I did that to people when I smoked!!

I hope everyone is else is doing ok. Good luck everyone


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Hiya Gill,

Welcome and well done on your quit so far

I'm also on champix and have found them great even though they do make me feel sicky they seem to be doing their job so i'm happy with that.

You'll find lots of support on here have a read of some of the posts

Jane x


Well done Gill - that's great - glad champix is working well for you, despite some nausea....the main thing is you are NOT smoking - yay:D


Thanks to you both for your words of support.

You are right I would rather feel sick than be smoking. My husband doesn't smoke and it really caused problems between us. Anyway he is loving the nice smelling me instead of the stinky smoky smell.

I have also cleaned out my car (because that was my smoking haven) so that makes me also not want to smoke in it.




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