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No Smoking Day
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Finding It Hard

hello folks, this is my third real attempt at stopping smoking, each time I have used champix.

My first stop was great 18 months smoke free and didnt struggle much at all, so much so I went and ran my first half marathon a few months after stopping.

The second was a half hearted attempt and I failed, in hindsight I failed cause I wanted to fail.

This is my third attempt and I am so wanting it to be 18 months smoke free already.

The last 2 days have been terrible for me, so much so I have questioned every part of my life. I have been so aggresive, bad mooded and not wanting to talk to anyone. So am hoping this forum can help me a little.

I know it will pass, its just getting past the next few days. Am back to training for this years half marathon and find getting out on the tarmac helps as well as drinking tons of water.

Well I have babbled on a little now so i will wait for some advice, PLEASE.

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Hi Dale,

I think it's hard not to want to be further down the line than you are especially when you gave up for so long last time, you did do it though and you can do it again this time too, you'll get lots of support from here, have a read of some of the posts settle yourself in :D

The feelings as you know will pass quickly enough, keep busy and strong

Jane x


Hi Dale

Sorry it's been so hard for you for these first few days. It will get easier and the questioning your life thing is simply the nicotine fighting back. Grit your teeth, eat cake, chew straws, drink water - all things people here have done/do to get through it!

The best advice I can give it to read and understand what it is that you're going through. I know you've done it before - so you can do it again!

Another Dale

PS Are you a male Dale or female Dale?:D


This can be done

Hi Dale,

Over the 35 odd years that I smoked I have tried all the different quit methods and failed with the last attempt being "Champix" and all I will say to anyone using these is to read the leaflet that comes with theses tablets so that you know the side effects that can sometimes occur.But dale if you read some of my old posts you will see I suffered like everyone else but I did it cold turkey. In reflection and after reading loads of posts I have came to the conclusion that a lot of people who are determined to stop and try it CT actually are very successful.However the very best of luck and don't give in to the nicotine monster.



Best of luck to you, keep going :)


Welcome to the Forum, Dale.

Nae luck with your current quit. I suspect there's loads of helpful information you picked up in your 18 month quit...stuff you possibly haven't minded for ages. These 2 days will pass...life's like that with its ups and downs and you'll know that...so even if the 2 days turn into 4 or 5 more...it'll pass.

Like you I've previously had a quit that was a cinch and lasted for a good few months before I started testing it and fell back into smoking full-time. I used Allan Carr's 'Easyway' to start on that one. This next quit has been 3 years and a couple of months and is through Cold Turkey.

Mostly we on the forum suggest that it does not matter which way you start your quit off, be it champix, nrt, Allan Carr, CT, etc, etc. But what has lead to many of us getting a sustained quit going is to read, read, read and educate yourself into understanding what you go through whilst quitting. Hence you'll find that a lot of us display links in our sigs that will lead to various other sites packed full of information. Of course this forum also is jam packed with very informative information although you'll have to search for that - search facility on the grey ruler above. But if you have an issue then post up and I'm sure a healthy discussion could provide some info to help you keep on track with your quit.


Hey thanks everyone and sorry for the late reply, I am now nearly at the 2 weeks mark and starting to feel a lot better, although missed a tablet by mistake yesterday and felt really on edge.

I know champix has had a lot of bad reviews and has a lot of possible side effects, but then again paracetemol has side effects. Personally it changed me first time round and I would say that I was less of a people person after taking them, its probably doing the same to me this time, although I think I am just type of person who likes to close the hatches and battle through things myself as much as I can can. Cant say I get much support from anyone with stopping but then again am doing it for myself this time not anyone else.

Am back up to running nearly 4 miles every second day, cycling every other day, drinking about 2 litres of a water a day and on a strict diet. How much of a life change have I done, its no wonder am stressed and not good company ;)

Oh and diverdale am a male dale :p


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