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No Smoking Day
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Diary of a quitter - Day 22

Still on the wagon.

It's been a few days since I posted, have had all sorts of stuff going on around the house to keep me busy. Am in the market to buy some tin-foil hats.

In the first few days of my quit, the craves hit hard. At those times I would quite happily have barbequed a live kitten if I thought a ciggie might be my reward. However, willpower prevailed, the craves were short lived, and kittens the world over rejoiced.

Long story short - I haven't smoked for 22 days, although it was 'effin close at times.

Now, I'm dealing with a whole new experience. It's best described as a low-level constant yearning for smokes that never goes away. I wake up, and I want a smoke. The day progresses, and I want a smoke, I get ready for bed, and I want a smoke. At the moment my coping strategy is stomping up and down and swearing a lot.

Incidentally, it's my birthday tomorrow, 41 years of being alive. Am giving the postman a rest now, and have decided to be a conspiracy theorist instead.

Had a letter delivered to me today, it was addressed to me at number 22 (even though I live at number 24)

41 years of life minus 19 (I was born on the 19th) = 22, the amount of days I haven't smoked for.

The number of pm's plus the number of emails I have received from the good folks who inhabit these boards is 22.

The number of words in the last sentence = 22.

I have 22 drinking straws left.

And finally *..Queue spooky music..* The date of my next dentist appointment is the 22nd, which will be my 22nd visit since my treatment started, and will have to finish pretty sharpish because straight afterwards my wife has her 22nd hospital visit since her diagnosis - which was on the 22nd September last year.

I could totally smoke 22 ciggies right now (simultaneously).

Report from home. Missus had to have some fluid drained from wounds yesterday, has made her much comfier. She is now away with the fairies on account of getting prescribed super mega-strength pain killers. Back to hospital on Monday.

onwards and upwards

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Evening Hodge!

Are the tin foil hats to "foil" the thoughts being beamed to you from space? If so, I wouldn't bother; while back, thought it would help me, but OH said it didn't. They also gave me hat head so I had to give up on them. I find that sticking my fingers in my ears shouting "I can't hear you", whilst jumping up and down on one foot helps a bit.

I do hope that the humane society does not have a spy in our midst or you may now be put on the kitten cruelty watch list!! hmmmn, a reward could be in the offing for turning you in.

I would like to offer you my most sincere wishes for a very happy birthday (22 times). Try not to suck up too much of the smoke from the candles. Nose hair is quite flammable. I do hope that you get 22 replies to your post.

I sympathise with the constant niggle of want. I compare it to butterflies in my stomach. It is always there. I am at about 60 days and unless I am very busy, it remains a constant feeling. I have heard (it bloody well better) it will ease over time.

Very glad to hear that the Mrs is feeling better and in la la land for a bit. Think I am there too and will keep her company.

Happy Birthday again Hodges and congratulations on your 22! It will soon be 44!


PS: sorry, I have been unwell and quite feverish this past week; you can now scratch your head 22 times whilst saying what a twit!


I love your posts Hodges. If you're not a professional humor columnist, then you should be.

I am just 1 day behind you and I was going to post something similar today.

I can't seem to stop thinking about smoking either. It may be a seasonal thing as Spring is just slooooowwly starting to take hold here.

I just can't seem to think of myself as a non-smoker. I feel like a smoker who hasn't smoked for almost 3 weeks.

I am not giving in, I just hope it gets easier. Maybe if I had started back in November when it really started to get cold it would have been easier.

Wishing the best for you and your Family.....


Happy Birthday for tomorrow :D

So glad to hear things are going ok, we have missed your posts!


Wishing you all you wish for yourself on your birthday,and so pleased your wife is a little better.You are doing great with your quit, so stay strong.

And yes you do write a great post, so keep posting loving it.

Happy birthday. Joan xxxxx



Very glad your wife is more comfortable and (given your tin hat obsession) is on major pain killers!

Keep going - 22 words :D :D



quite inspirational! (not to say appealing to my humour)....im day 21 and have been stompy and sweary ........no urge to do a kitten though ....... some saving grace i guess..........decided to throw myself back into the swimming pool yesterday after not doing so since september ......felt good, helps my head go somewhere else for a while...but have to say i seem to of hit the constant nag of " i want to smoke" no massive craveblast just i want to smoke .......i havent ...bit mad really if i give myself permission to do something ...that i shouldnt really it helps me to stay away from it! so i tell myself i can if i really want (smoke in this instance) .......its then that i find out i dont actually realy want to ......and so i havent lol nowt as queer as folk lol ;o)

Sounds like u r overcomming several things so good luck with that and keep going........hope things keep improving for your lady as well xx



If the whole NSD forum was to go out for a picnic, I am guessing I know the reason why we would be a few sandwiches short!! ;)

BTW belated Happy Birthday Hodges, hope all is well.


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