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Last Champix

Well that's my last Champix taken, from now on, it's totally up to me without any help. Not that I'm worried as I have reduced the dose I was taking before stopping anyway. If anything, the only change I can possibly invisage would be a psycholigical one rather than any physical change. So from now on, I can really think of myself as a non smoker without having or needing to use anything to help me. It's going to feel slightly strange after 2 months, not taking any of the tablets, but at least I don't have to worry about taking them or making sure that I have eaten, so that I don't feel sick anymore.

I have to say that they seem to have worked very well for me. Alot better than the chewing gum did on my past attempts to stop smoking. The only side effects I had were sickness (eat before taking tablet), alot of wind (which my wife won't miss) and one or two vivid dreams. So all in all, not too bad.

Congratulations to all that are still with us and keep up the good work. And if your not still with us, then don't give up on giving up.


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Well done!!!!!!!


Well done!! I used Champix and, like you, stopped the tablets earlier than the 12 weeks recommended. I also cut down to one a day for the last week or so. It has worked for me too and I am glad that the sicky feeling is a memory!! Find I am now eating a bit more - are you?! Still avoiding social occasions with smokers - getting more difficult now the sun is shining and pub gardens beckon!!


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