Zyban day 3

Hello, this is my 3rd day of taking zyban ( quit day next wed). I'm jot sure wha time of day to take it. I'm up at 5 am for work.l, doc said take at about 10 but I reckon maybe the earlier the better as the rejecting fag taste will start earlier. Any ideas anyone? Anybody used zyban? I have tried champix twice and managed 4 months, am going for diff buzz this time. Hope it works.

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  • I've never tried any of the GP help routes; I have to say I've no idea what Zyban or Champix actually do so I cant really help.

    Good luck though!

  • Thanks, how u getting on? I have the usual quit day fear! Hard to imagine not smoking. Can't believe how much control fags have. Need to be strong

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