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Day 3 For Me

Thanks for the support so far.. I am still smoke free and into Day 3. Disrupted sleep last night and boiling hot too, even though it was a pretty chilly night. I had a fitness assessment today and a cholesterol test. You can't smoke before the test so I deliberately arranged it for today as I have often caved early on Day 3. Now I'm back home and into the danger zone. This is when I'd be lighting up... I just need to stay focused and keep busy. Best of luck everyone xx

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Hi Pheobe

Good strategy on the fitness thing. So well done. Getting to day 3 is for many of us the worst bit. It gets easier form then on in.

Keep busy and don't be tempted!


dale :D


Well done on getting to day 3.

I know it is tough but try and stick it out, it does get easier. Keep yourself busy. Sitting and dwelling doesn't work, just makes you think about stuff more.

Stay strong you can get through it.



Yes, cold turkey. Survived Day 3... so little sleep last night, up doing a jigsaw at 3:00am! Have a headache, and feel rotten today but psychologically for me getting past Day 3 is a HUGE step!!


Well done Phoebe. Its a massive achievement getting this far. Just gotta stay strong now and see this thing through :D


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