Hi All,

im on champix and on day 10...i quit on thurs day 6.I was amazed as im a 20 a day for last 20 yr and was badgrered by my gp when i went over yet another chest infection....something i get lots of and especially over the last few years.

Anyway i had been thinking of how much i wanted to stop for a few months..as my teeth i was worried about losing and loooking older lol at 47 it makes you paranoid!

Well the sceptical me thought it wouldnt work....how wrong...each day less n less and the taste euchhhhhhhhh...

I realised on day 7 i had not had any and just kept it up...so chuffed..

The naseau is the pits but food before helps...tiredness not good but hey ive quit...yipee so happy i just wanna keep it up and treat myself lol x

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  • Hi Jayne

    Fantastic stuff, well done you!

    There are quite a few people on Champix on this site (although I'm not one of them) who can - if you need it - give you loads of advice and hope.

    Best of luck with your quit, read all the links, there are some great one below peole signatures and come on here whenever you need to celebrate, rant, moan, have a laugh or whatever!

  • Hi There,

    Thanks i will keep in touch as i need the support:D:D.

    And hope all is well in you all girls world lol :rolleyes:

  • Hi There,

    Thanks i will keep in touch as i need the support:D:D.

    And hope all is well in you all girls world lol :rolleyes:

    Hi Jayne

    Sorry I don't get the reference to my 'all girls world"?I expect I'm being dumb, but can you explain!:)

  • Hi Jayne congratulations on your quit so far your doing brilliantly. keep it up and you will reap the rewards. Im nearly into my 5th month and its a hell of a lot better now than when i first gave up, plus we all have the added bonus of this site which is great to talk to anyone who is going through exactly what we are. :rolleyes: ( hell ) lol. good luck x

  • The all girls world was your refererence to a past post of by the way im a girl lol....Day 8 now and doing well.

    I have my next month of tablets and look forward to naseau,bad dreams,and my wine not agreeing with me...lol...but at least NO FAGS...YAY...

    Its not forever and hey its worth it guys...drinking doesnt help in any way with the tablets ive tried...food yes but when im up at 5 am in the morning for work im not ready then lol x

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