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One Whole Month

Yes made it to month one. Finito sorry but you will have to share him with me but like you I fully intend to drop him in 4 weeks !!

Seriously though, I am so pleased I have made it this far, it hasnt been that bad. I have a beauty treatment booked this afternoon as a treat - never done that sort of thing before. I am having micro dermabrasion (I think they will sandpaper my face) may removed a few smoking wrinkles :D

Keep going everyone it really isnt that hard, I find shouting helps a lot when a brief crave comes my way, and dont stress about the odd pound or two (I am trying to convince myself on that one):eek:

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Yaaaaaay! Well done Tracy, fabulous!

Leave some room for me girls. Not long to go now.

Here's to your 2nd month Tracey



Dale and Karri thank you my cyber friends - Karri you will soon be making your own savings, Dale I look forward to sharing month 1 with you x


Congrats Tracey on one month quit.


Well done Tracey.

Keep it up!



Well done - you are doing great! :D


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