No Smoking Day
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Hello day 1 people

For those in the early stages of your quit WELL DONE ;)

I am almost a year quit now and have total sympathy for those starting out, a friend of mine quit yesterday and appears to be not coping,,,a touch snappy!!! It just reminded me how strong i had to be. The crazy obsession does pass, at the time it doesn't feel like it ever will!! LOL i thought i was going insane when i went ct, a week down the line i was NUTS!! but it passed...:cool: Just hang in there peeps and ride it out. It's so worth it and with any luck you will never have to do it again.

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True Karri 7 such a pleasure to be here to help. :) Anyone quitting nicotine should be given 100% respect and tolerance for what they are going through. Compassion is the key. Good luck everyone. :)


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