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21 months

I'm 21 months today -21 months I say....

All those coming through it does get easier, if you're in your first week you may not believe me but it does. First 3 months I was on a bit of a high (needed to put some distance between me and day 1) then you have the next 6 months when you've quit, there's too much invested to risk going back to day 1 but at times the learning to live without a fag when something happens, you go for a meal, go for a drink, have your first holiday/trip brings a little nudge, easily dismissed.

The one year is a fantastic feeling as is every month thereafter - looking forward to a long time of smiling about having quit. Pat yourself on the back - you've quit.

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Cheers and well done MAH :D

Agree with what you've written completely.

And it's always nice to know it gets better!!


Well done MAH, 21 months. Awesome. So nice to see someone still celebrating that!

Here's to your 24!


Thank you Mah, for letting us know of your milestone and for still being here, helping us along. As you can well tell from the forum these last few days, we need the voice of reason from our successful "old timers".

Thanks again Mah, and congratulations.




Nothing to add to what has already been said above, it is always nice to read posts from those further along the road than myself, especially when they are as good news as yours is.

Hopefully one day eh? :cool:


Congrats to you MAH - 21 (again), and I so agree about the year 1 feeling....


Great to see you racking up da months :)

Quite a journey...and then soon another journey down and across a lil' bit :cool:


Well done MAH on your 21 month milestone. Here's to the next one and the next....

PS as others have said thank you for all your help and support on here. :0


Oh. Nearly missed this! You can have the key to my door anytime! A big fat thumbs up to you for doing such a marvellous quit job. Drinks on you at the park?! X x


Brilliant! I love to hear about successful quits. And as others have said, thanks for being such a great support on the forum.

Keep on keeping on!



That is just sooo freekin' good. Congrats.


Well done, Mel!! Almost knockin on the 2 year penthouse door....good stuff xx


That's great, always love your posts MAH :)


Well done Mah, talking in years soon.



Thanks All

Yes Jackie and Bella - talking in years soon, in the beginning I tried not to think that far ahead but from this point I wish I'd quit earlier! Best thing I ever did.


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