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20 Weeks

Just thought i would tell every today is the 20th week since i have quit smoking yey me.

now i am approaching the length of time i quit last time ( 6 months ) hopefully this time i can pass it .

feel much better this time and actually have no cravings .

smoking disgusts’ me now , the smell is hideous .

hope everyone has a great start to the new week .

gaz x


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Excellent Gaz and i'm sure you'll easily bypass 6 months this time as you have a different frame of mind this time round.


Congratulations Gary, 20 weeks already. I think you underestimate yourself and you can get past the 6 month mark.

Keep up the good work and again well done xx



You and I both know you are going to sail past 6 months without even a thought of sparking up. You have come too far (mentally) this quit to fail now.

Well done on 20 weeks.

Sian xx


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