No Smoking Day
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Day 15 - still here :)

Hi all,

Not been around for a couple of days. I feel back to normal and much happier.

Me and my husband are getting back on track and have talked lots. I have tried not to be such a moody cow and it seems to have helped. I have had lots of cuddles and encouragement from him as well as more cadburys creme eggs!!!!!! I am sure he wants me to be fat :p

I am still eating far too much but tomorrow have decided if I am going to eat this much I must exercise!

I didn't have a drop of alcohol this weekend just incase the temptation was too much. We are going to a party next week though but I may make myself driver for the night. However saying that I don't want to smoke, it really doesn't interest me and smoke smells real bad (except for when fresh when I could stand and sniff people, lol)

I have had to stretch out my patches as I forgot to go to the chemist Friday and only had 2 left so have been leaving them on overnight and a bit longer than 24hrs to make sure I still have one on tomorrow morning when I can get to the chemist.

Hope you are all doing ok, will be on in the morning to catch up on all that I have missed once the little people are at school :D

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Yay Chrissie, well done!

Husbands can be nice. Sometimes. When they have eggs. Or presents. Or put up a shelf.

No, seriously I'm so glad things are getting better for you. Well done for 15 days!


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