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A story of decisions


When we come to desisions it can be hard to make some and easier to make others. People have the power to change there own situation, for the mind can be used for good or evil. I am not into any sort of mind control rubbish but do believe that you have the choice to change you future. Make the decision to stop smoking, believe in the reason why you want to stop, set a date, arrange your preferred method of stopping. Get your head down, count the seconds that turn to minuets which turn to hours. Eventually the hours turn to days which turns to medals of houner which you can always be proud of unless you go back on your original plan which was to ride your self of the devil disguised as a cigarette. When the little voice in your head starts telling you it's ok to have just one, fight it back as soon as you hear it. Never let yourself get into a debate weather you need a smoke, don't let your old addiction breath kill it before it kills you because in all truth it's a fight to the death, it's either you or it. Let the war begin!

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