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No Smoking Day
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Health, money or family?

I started smoking to be part of a group at school, I had my health and my youth but ten years on and I want my health back, it's a sad state when you get out of breath after carrying your daughter up stairs and have to take a minute to catch it to read her a bed time story. Not only that but I had a bit of a unhealthy few years a while back and now I'm in a position of goin to the gym 7 times a week and not drinking and eating a balanced diet, the only thing to go now is the dreaded death sticks. You can do anything you set the mind to, but be sure not to kid yourself. 12 days gone a life time to go

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Hi Simon

I started smoking to look older and here I am nearly 30 years later slapping on the wrinkle cream trying to turn back time :rolleyes:

We can never regain what we've lost but we can make sure the future is what we want it to be :)

Good luck on your quit journey - hope it's not too much of a bumpy ride :D


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