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My Reason (warning, a story of death)

Hello all, I have read through people's posts on here and there is a little trend of reasons such as the smell, the cost, the standing outside. I am not quitting for any of those reasons my reason is this....

On the 6th December 2009 my Aunty Jean collapsed & died, she had COPD because of smoking and was trying to get over a bad cold at the time. She was found lying on the kitchen floor several hours after passing away by her 12 year old grandaughter & 14 year old grandson.

My mother (Aunty Jean's sister) has COPD, she still smokes, she has such a bad chest, is out of breath, cannot walk up stairs. Every day I can't get hold of her on the phone makes me worry that she is lying on the floor somewhere.

My Cousin (Aunty Jean's Daughter) has COPD she is 2 yeas older than me. She still smokes, wheezes, coughs, is always out of breath, has a weak heart and has been told to quit smoking ortherwise it could kill her but she doesn't.

I do not want to be the next, I don't want COPD, I don't want to wheeze, get out of breath or end up on the kitchen floor for someone to find.

I am sorry if any of this has upset you however it has helped me by putting my reasons on here, seeing them makes me know that I am doing the right thing and if I have a bad day reading this post will help me get through it!

Shaz x

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Sorry to hear of your loss. That mjust have been particually hard, especially for the children that found her.

A very good incentive for you to stop though. One of the kicks up the butt I had was my friends Mum. We park next to each other at the school each morning and her mum comes along. She sit and smokes whilst coughing and wheezing and barely being able to breathe. I would look at her and think, goodness, I really don't want to end up like that. It made me quit.

Sadly she has just be diagnosed with emphysema. It is very early stages and if she quits they can stop it getting any worse but now she has it it will be for the rest of her life. If she doesn't stop it will kill her. I hope and pray that she can stop, she smokes 80 day and has done for alot of years.

You have got very good reasons to stop. Come back and read them whenever you feel like you are struggling.



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