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Week 3 here i come - feeling stronger


Hi all well today is 14 days without smoking and i am realy pleased with myself.

Today i had a long day at work and was really pleased with myself that not once a cig didnt cross my mind.

I even come home and had my dinner and had a chill out and armed with my inhalator now but only small crave tonight...

Hope all is going well xxx

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Yes, 14 days for me too (at 7.15 tomorrow morning). And going well. What can I say? I smoked heavily for 40 years. This quit I guess is my 7th or 8th? Each time, I went through all the agony stuff and convinced myself that life without smoking was no life. I told myself life without smoking wasn't worth it, the sacrifice was too big; that I deserved to smoke. I used to wake up and tell myself "brilliant, another day of smoking ahead". Horseshit. This time, I've simply changed the whole approach. I just tell myself that life without smoking is better. That smoking is a viscious circle - it's a poison that feeds on itself. Starve the poison. I stopped smoking for one reason above all - I don't want to smoke any more. I want to escape. There's no way I'm going to put myself back into that prison, and spend the rest of my life either trying to escape, or telling myself that I'm happy to live behind bars. Then turn the whole thing round. Just try and get rid of the feeling that quitting is deprivation. For me right now, it's freedom!! Something that I've wanted for 20 years. Good luck, Jeremy

Remember, smokers envy non-smokers.

14 days passed here as well. Few little niggly craves over the past couple of days, but nothing too bad. Skipped a night in town on Saturday because i just knew i'd cave though.

We should all be very proud of ourselves!

£116 saved so far. I actually feel ill just thinking about that.

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