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Day 3 No changes?!?!


Its day 3 of not smoking, quit mainly cause of bad grey dull skin and hollowness caused from years of smoking 20 a day!, does anyone know when skin gets better? does it get brighter? healthy color? restore in plumness? its looking worste than before and its not motivating, can any1 share there stories of when there skin got better and what got better.. color/texture etc

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Hi Champix1

Lets just say it wasn't overnight :(

Took a couple of weeks before I noticed a real difference - better colour and a bit springier. Bear in mind you've been slowly poisoning your body for years and it's gonna take a while to shift all those toxins - but you will do it :D you may suffer with spots - most do but Boots own spot cream works a treat! I've had to change my whole skin care routine but it's been worth it - my skin is now the best it's been for a very long time

Drink plenty of fluids to help flush your system - plain old water is best and just go with the flow :)



thx pookie, what about the eyes? any changes in that?


Mine are like stars in the sky :D

They're deffo sparklier and healthier looking but unfortunately the minor crows feet are still there :(


To expect major changes after 3 days is asking a bit much! Like the damage smoking does, any healing is gradual.

You won't wake up one day & suddenly feel or look better.

From past efforts, (i'm only on day 14 currently) my skin was far softer & had more of a healthy glow to it. Much nicer than the mortuary slab look! Last week someone did comment that my eyes look brighter than usual though.


i have noticed such a change in my skin and eyes only this last week or so takes time i,m at day 27.

My skin seems pinker and younger compared to the dull skin i seem to av before and people av noticed. Also my eyes are whiter as they always seemed bloodshot with a yellowish tinge.My breathing is much better and the biggest change are my lovely shiny white teeth and clean mouth.

You will soon notice the changes.




Within a few days i noticed a difference, after a couple of weeks it was different again, yes colour does return, a healthy blood supply brings colour. Drinking water and eating healthy foods with make your skin glow with youth, moisturizing too will help, you could buy a face mask to bring out toxins, as for your eyes yep they will soon be bright as a button.


its day 5 and not much changed in skin or eyes, still dull skin and dull eyes, when does it get better? after what day or week? really motivating to here all your skins and eyes got better but mine not changed yet, has it been screwed for life :(

cheers everyone



Please don't take this the wrong way but you seriously expect to see major changes after 5 days of stopping???

You said it yourself, you smoked 20 a day for YEARS, that will not be fixed over night by not smoking for a few days.

Your skin will improve over time. You are no longer pumping poision into your body 20 times a day so it will be able to heal itself. However, this is going to take time. It could be 2,3 or even 6 mths before you see any real difference. I am 3 mths in and I can see a difference in my skin now. It is softer, has a nice colour and had less open pours. I did however, go through about 4 weeks of really rubbish spotty horrid skin before this though. And from reading on here you will see that alot of people have this.

You have done fantastically well stopping smoking and have taken a massive step in the right direction by getting to day 5. What you have to stop doing is going to look in the mirror every 5 mins thinking right I shoul look better by now, because, sorry to say, you proably won't. Like any healing our bodies do it takes time.

One thing I can guarentee you, if you go back to smoking your skin will never improve !!

I am sorry if any of this comes accross as harsh but you really are not doing yourself any favours at the moment.

Stay strong.





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