day 17 and still here

hi all you non smokers

i have gotten to day 17 wow,

4 very stressfull days i just had

but i stayed strong

been out to the pub and got drunk for my birthday, and others going for fags, managed to stay strong

next day, was hung over , and could have killed for a fag

then mum came over for her twice yearly visit

and she kepted going outside for fags, was well jealous

but pleased im still here, and i know inside myself that i will stick this out to the end

pleased to see so many others still here as well, keep up the good work my fellow non smokers

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  • Fantastic - that's a lot of temptation to get through.

    I've had a sh*tty day, but on the whole I'm doing OK.

    Congratulations. Keep on keeping on!


  • Good for you & happy birthday :D

    I woouldn't feel jealous of someone having to keep popping outside to feed a habit & stand in the cold. There is nothing there to envy. Even if it is your mum :rolleyes:

    You stay strong, just think, you have just had a smoke free birthday :D

    Gaynor xx

  • Happy birthday picas so, and well done to you for getting through quite a few challenges in a single day: showing some real strength there, you will do this!

    I am on day 17 too, and whilst 15 and 16 were awful, today has been not too bad, not every day is argghhh!

  • Happy bday mate the best gift ever you quit


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