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Did I actually smoke before??

Good afternoon all,

Well today i went down to my parents house and for the first time ever i was able to explain to my Mum who constantly has a go at my Dad for his smoking how it feels to be a smoker in the terms of the addiction to nicotine and the little nicomonster forcing us to feed him even when we dont want too. She understood that and i think now she realises that it is not as easy to just stop as she used to think it was.

I also had a chat with my dad who thought like many that smoking is a habit that yes habit is part of it but its also a very big part the need for the NICOTINE FILL.

I can honestly say now i have turned a corner and i know that as long as i live that i wont be going back to smoking infact i cant even remember what it was like before and it does not appeal to me at all to go back to the old ways but if i can help anyone else then i wont hesitate to do so. It was my parents who asked and i obliged and as i have just said it felt good to be able to explain the truth about those cancer sticks, its also felt good to be able to say to my Mum dont have a go at him because he wants to stop but Mr Nic wants feeding and for Dad Mr Nic is stronger at the moment and so Dad keeps giving in to Mr Nics needs but she should understand that he has to want to stop for the right reasons and if he understands that its an addiction then hopefully he will want to stop and stop for good. He is not as armed as what we have been and so i want to be able to help him and others if i can.

I have not dictated to anyone and i would not do so at all. I understand now what makes us smoke and how hard it is to be able to break free and by passing on that knowledge, if i can help just one person then i will be so happy. I have been a nonsmoker for over 8 weeks and if im honest i feel now that i have never smoked in my life, i can see past the addiction, past the being lured in, past the need to have to smoke and i am so happy that i am now in more ways a better person.

Im free at last and i am just so happy. I wish i could have stopped years ago and had i known then what i know now i probably would have. I dont envy others who smoke, in a way i am sad for them, i want to be able to tell them there is a new life outside the smoking lark but like anything we all have to do what is right for us and when were ready. No one wants to be told what to do and so until such time that i am asked for my advice on how i quit then i will just sit back and forget my old nasty past.

I am here for anyone who asks and would be more than happy to offer but i am not going to dictate to others about there habit, its each to there own and if someone wants advice they no doubt will ask. I can handle being around smokers now and not feel the need to have one all i feel is pity, sadness and a little chuckle of laughter as i know im free and they are not. :)

Its also so nice to be able to eat and taste my food, go out without having to pack my cigs and lighter in my bag, not panic about how many cigs i have left as i dont want to run out, its nice not to have to go out when its cold, wet and windy just so that i can feed nasty Nic, its nice to be FREE from the restraints that smoking makes of you. I can breathe now, i can walk faster and not get out of breath, its great to be how i was before i started. I can get through my daily life without thinking about them now, i have not wanted or thought of them for weeks, so i cant honestly say now that i am.................

Non Smoker :)

Im not letting my guard down though as Nasty Nic will always try and get back in but im stronger than him and this time i know my stopping is for GOOD.

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:) well said and well done Jo :D i can relate to all that you wrote and i too am happy to be a non smoker


Hi Nutty,

Good for you! I am genuinely pleased, you sound so positive and have really turned that corner.

It must feel great :)

I know what you mean about the not preaching and stuff - it's just difficult when you can so clearly see the benefits and also the damage. I've had to bite my tongue a few times with the rellies - but so far have held back from being a preaching ex-smoker dictator :D


Thank you for your replies.

I cant believe that im only 3 days away from Month 3, i keep saying its Thursday but its not its Friday.

Have a great day all ;)


Wow! I can't believe it's that close to month 3 either! Already?!

You've really made it look so enjoyable to quit for all of us when times have been tough. Even when you've been down you've got back up and I love the optimism in this post!

I still can't help being a preachy non-smoker with certain people (mainly those that smoke on drunken nights out that keep on saying 'it's not like I'm addicted or anything, it's only on weekends!'... drives me up the wall!)

But it IS lovely when people ask for help (my mum has Allen Carr on her Christmas wishlist... :D) and helping others understand their addiction does really help you as well.

Well done on turning that corner! x


Hi Jo I think you needed to be a smoker at some point in your life to realise its not easy to quit, but having said that I think the actual habit is harder to quit than the Nicotine, but please no one jump on me for saying that it is solely my opinion.

Maybe now you have quit your Dad may take the plunge, we can only hope.

Have a great Chriggy.



Thank you for your kind words, yup 3 months already i know where does the time go to. I do feel that now i am a completely different person. I took on this quit with a different view and i think i knew in my heart that this was it, finally.


I agree Hun in that i hope that my Dad starts to want to stop now as he has told me its boredom that gets to him and so he smokes. He mentioned that habit too and i know for me as well as overcoming the addiction that this time i had to do something to keep busy in the beginning hence the knitting and crocheting which helped me pass the first few weeks. I want so much for my dad to stop, but i know i can only be there when he asks. Its also weird because when he has tried before he would not buy any cigs and then come and visit me and sneak one of mine but i dont now so he cant do that.

It is a really strange vicious circle to break this smoking lark and thats why people have to be prepared and know what to expect thats what i like about this site. I am happy to pass on my knowledge and if it helps just one person to stop then it would all have been worth it. I will be joining a Gym in the new year and going on to a nice heathly eating plan in the New Year too as i want to lose some weight, not from giving up smoking as i have not gained any but from before when i had my twins i want to feel better and look better too.

Have a Great Chrimbo Too.

LOL Your Smoke Free Buddy......................................


A lovely positive post for a dull and chilly Tues Jo :)

I don't think i'm quite there yet in my journey (are any of ever really 'there' so to speak?!) but am on day 39 and it is a revelation that i can control my own mind when it comes to smoking. For years i resigned to the fact that smoking controlled me and that i would always be a smoker - not so!

I always swore i would not become a preachy ex-smoker, and i'm still trying not to be, but its hard now i'm on 'the other side' (much nicer side, less smelly!) - i keep telling myself that each person needs to have their 'moment' when quitting suddenly makes sense. My moment was literally like a lightbulb and that's what i've been telling people - you need to be ready and willing to quit. Am now SOOOOOO glad my 'moment' came :)

Happy days :p


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