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when i first decided to quit , i did all the normal research , e.g what am i going to use to quit , when i am going to quit and why i am quitting.

in my research i found countless times that i should expect better taste and smell.

well it is just over 7 weeks since i last smoked and nothing in that region has changed ,

any one else feel like this

thanks for listening rant finished

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Hi there,

I think the change is so slow and subtle that you may not notice it at first.

I can't say that I have changed much so far in the taste department, but I feel that some spices no longer bother the insides of my mouth which is neat. I have always had an uncanny sense of smell, quite bothersome.... and if that gets any more intense I'll probably go nuts LOL.

So, in order to answer your question, no I haven't seen any drastic change in either of them, if anything, then i'd say things smell or taste a bit DIFFERENT than before.



I think everyone is different and the benefits come in at different times. It may also depend on you diet and whether there is much scope for change. I have found I have really noticed the difference with curry, and a few odd items appear to have changed in their taste, but overall no real difference! Maybe it is just gradual rather than a sudden thing?


Hi Gary.

Well done on 7 weeks matey that's brilliant :D

I have still got that "metalic" taste in my mouth, so i can't tell much difference either. But it will come, i know from past quits and its quite strange when you go to eat some thing you normally like and you find you actually really don't like it any more lol

Smell well erm...... my in laws were over last night and brought salmon sarnies with them to eat..... ewww and yuck is all i can say, never noticed it before... i have told them to make different ones in future :D

Snowie xx


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