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No Smoking Day
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Testing myself


Well this is Day 2 for me.

To be honest, throwing away my ciggys was the best thing i did, because if they were next to me day 2 might not of happened.

I am thinking of this as a test, a massive test and this evening (i am in Asia at the mo, hence the time difference) i am having a few beers to see how this affects me. This makes it harder, but if i can resist this, and i will, i will be proud of what i have done.

I am also seeing the smile on my wifes face which makes all this worth while

Lets see how Day 3 goes.


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.... also, does anyone else have a strange taste in their mouth? sorta metallic?


Hi Adam

And welcome to the quitters club. Its good here you know!!

Any way the most difficult part has been done with you making the decision to quit.

Just amke sure you always stay on guard as the nicotine drug is a sneaky bugger who will try anything to get you back.

Any how there are a bunch of us november quitters here: forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/g... if you want to share experiences with people who have quit around the same time as you.

Good luck



Hi Adam and welcome to the forum :D

well done on day 2 :) are you using any nrt or going cold turkey?

testing yourself with things you used to do when you smoked is good but just dont get over confident as John says the sneaky nicotine devil will def try and tempt you back just remember to take each craving at a time as it will pass and keep your mind/hand busy till it does as at the end of the day its the habits that are the most difficult to break and some take longer to break

this site and the people on it have helped me no end with support and encouragement so if you feel the urge come and read some of the threads or have a read on talesfromthequit.com as the stories kevin has written on there about his struggles with giving up certainly helped me i know every one is difference so its just a suggestion for you

best regards carol


Hi Carol,

I am not using at nrt - i do have patches with me but as yet i ahve not used them.

It is now Day 3 (Asian Time Zone) and i have not had a craving yet.

Fingers crossed for today.

I also smelt someone smoking earlier and it was horrible. Now i know what my wife meant when she said it smelt terrible.


good on ya well done .. you are getting closer to the end of week 1 what a feeling that is :) you will gain a lot more confidence that you will make it ...you just gotta be strong and dont let your mind draw you into the dreaded smoke.. take one day at a time ..good luck


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