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~End of my 5th Week~

Good morning all

I wanted to say that now i have not smoked for.......................

5 Whole Weeks!

I seriously cant believe that 5 weeks have gone by already and tomorrow will be the start of Week 6. :)

Anyhow to everyone. Stay stronge & positive but most of all have a Great Non Smoking Life ;)

Remember we can do this and do it well, Good Luck to all

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Well done you and it feels great to be that far down the road.Lets keep it up.



well done lovely x hows ye inners feeling?


Morning Jo, you are now 5 weeks older and probably 10 weeks healthier, how proud does it make you feel that at last you are stronger than the nicco monster.

Before you know it you will be well down the Smoke Free road and be wondering why you were scared to step on to it, have a great day and just keep an eye on your shoulder.


Hi Jo,

5 weeks!! Well done you, thats brilliant. :D

Snowie xx


Wow Jo thats amazing - im so proud of you!!!!!:D:D:D

That seems to have gone by so fast (and yet it feels like a lifetime ago as well)

Well done - get yourself treated again

Amy x x


Morning Jo, you are now 5 weeks older and probably 10 weeks healthier.

What a great comment! Not thought of it that way.

Jo, you have been an inspiration, a great supporter and friend to so many on here, am so please you have got this far, and here is to the next five weeks :D


Well done!

Kind Regards jojo


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