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Goodbye month 2

Well this is it goodbye month 2 and hello month 3. I will never reside in this room again as this time I will get to the Penthouse with no blips. :)

My attitude is different this time I just don't see the point in smoking. Although I am not complacent and remain vigilant as I know you know who can show it's ugly head when least expected.

I care for my quit this time - if that makes sense

To you all well done wherever you are in your quit, be proud of your achievements and give yourselves big pats on the back from time to time.

Thanks for your support all and happy halloween :)


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Yay Tink, well done! I am so sure you wont see this room again ever!!

you are moving on up baby!!


Congratulations Tinks on your month 3 arrival. You sound so positive which is fantastic. The penthouse awaits you.

Lorraine :)


Brilliant Tinks well done :D

You sound so strong and sounding so strong i just know you are going to make that Penthouse hunny!!

Snowie xx


:)Hey Tinks congrats honey - I'll be moving to month 3 with you!!!

All the best that we all never have to do this again!

Jane x



Many congratulations!! That's a fabulous achievement! We're all so proud of you :).

Ed xx


Awesome! Congrats!!!

I'll be joining you tomorrow and hoping dreadful 3s is just a myth :eek:


Fantastic, congratulations Tinks.


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