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My girlfriend made it hard for me to stop

lve been stopped for 42 days now but by God l had to suffer for it. During the first few weeks my girlfriend left ashtrays in our bedroom with butts in them. She would go to work during the day and l would return from nightshift to the smell of smoke in the room and the ashtrays by my bedside. She would light up in front of me at first untill l cracked and screamed at her not to.She wasnt happy l did this but l was told by the doctor l had to stop due to stomach ulcers which were causing serious problems in which l couldnt face work such was the pain. When l stopped the ulcers subsided and the thought of my health spurred me on to do whatever it took to stay stopped. She has since decided to stop and is doing very well,into her third week,two of which were with patches.She says she didnt mean to leave ashtrays because she was in a hurry to get to work and she kept forgetting ld stopped so she would light up. Now she knows how difficult it can be to give up and has since appologised and realises the hell she put me through. l love her anyway so all is forgiven. I wish the best for you guys. Your families will be proud of you.

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Well that's totally cool that she decided to give it a try as well. This will make things soooo much nicer in your home :)

congrats to you both!


l love her anyway so all is forgiven. I wish the best for you guys. Your families will be proud of you.

Hi Blueboy

I just wanted to say well done and thats to both of you. Thats great that now she has decided to quit with you and it can make it easier for you both.

Its nice too hear these sort of stories as it gives us newbies a fighting chance because we are not the only ones that will go through hell, but remember a craving is just a habit, break that habit and your half way there.

Keep it up and the very best of luck to both of you.:)


Thank you Jo,your words are valued more than you will ever know. We can all do this. lets not defeat ourselves and go on to a better quality of life and of course a longer one. Andee x


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