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5 weeks (nearly)

Haven't posted here for a while..have went through a bad patch of heavy cravings and bad mooded rantings to the wife and kids...but hopefully they will forgive me :D

Monday will see me 5 weeks stopped not a puff has passed my lips :) well chuffed

I think week 3 was the worst it was a for you quitters out there get past week 3 and I promise you it will get better...

You will probably think "I dont feel any better for it" , but think it must be much better than clogging your lungs and arterites with deadly smoke ..

I have gotten through this period so far by taking one day at a time !! If you look too far into the future it will be a psychological nightmare for you :eek:

so.. if there is any adivce I can pass on its "one day at a time"

Good luck to one and all :)

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Hi MrG

Thank you for sharing that info with us. I now a week since i gave up but i can remember when i managed about 3 weeks last time that it was week 3 and also the fact that many of my then friends used to smoke and that JUST ONE turned into another 4 years of saying i must give up and getting to this stage now.

Well done on reaching the 5 weeks though, thats great. Keep up the good work and do keep us all updated as we will all get to that stage and its nice to know how others coped and got past it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


Well done Mr G

I'll keep my eyes open for the 3 week "challenge" next friday when I start my 3rd week.

As you say "one day at a time".

Each day I just say to myself "I didn't smoke today" and I feel great.


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