How weird is this!

Hi Guys and Gals

Now i know this is going to sound really strange but i just had to post on here that tonight i fancied a can of Cherry coke. Now i have always had that flavour and thought it was sort of cherryish in flavour but this is my first one since quitting and OMG its really cherry flavoured, i never noticed it before because the cigs masked the taste but it sort of hit me like a hammer that it does actually taste of what the can says it does and as for drinking coffee i still cant stomach that so its decaf tea for me.

OK thats my daft thing for the night, tomrorow 7 days, yes one whole week, whoo, hoo.

Night all

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  • haha isn't that odd, how smoking really does dull your taste buds. I'm enjoying food so much more these days, and the smell of food cooking smells better.

    Night chick x

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