No Smoking Day
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getting a chair in here as well :)

Hi all,

it really is a bit amusing to follow each other into the different rooms as we progress :) pretty cool.

First day of week 3 here, pretty easy going. Haven't had any bad cravings or wishes at all rather the opposite.

One curious thing that probably nobody ever will relate to: I am/have been measuring basal temperature for a long while. Too annoyed of not knowing what is going on while dealing with entering menopause etc. So with noting my temps I know exactly "where I'm at".

The other day at my naturopath's office, he remarked that most western peoples basal temperature is way too cold these days which has all sorts of medical nasties following it. Well, happy to say, for the first time in my fertile life, my temps are several dots higher and totally stable. How's that for amazing??

Here's to an amazing week 3 and 4 for my roomates ;)

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Afternoon :)

Well done on reaching week 3, you so deserve your chair in here!

I didnt know that about the temperature thing! quite amazing when you think about it, as i am sure it would have something to do with the quit and blood circulation??

Well done again :D



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