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No Smoking Day
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8 + 44 = 1 year

:cool:I don’t generally post my own milestones but have been bullied into this one….. *thanks the cods those clipboard days are numbered*

I never set out to quit smoking long term. I grudgingly stopped for 8 weeks in order to give some dental work done the best chance of bonding with a plan to get straight back to my rollies, once the 8 weeks were done. However by the time I had my final appointment with my dentist (of 10 Years Younger fame, but no real help with the 10 years younger look, the barsteward!! ) I had found this forum and had my shoeless footsies firmly under the Octoquits table…

Another 44 weeks later and here I am …. ONE YEAR QUIT!

The benefits of quitting are well documented but for me there have been some additional benefits ….. the folk on here!

In particular the Octo’s, an astonishing gathering of folk who quit the same month and mutually formed a group. A group who rapidly turned to drink excessive eating then exercise, developed fat ankles, a passion for even more holidays and some even for running, badminton and cycling. Ducks took up cycling, to her local cricket club for a pint. Me? I took cycling up again and my first mini tour took in the stoopid inclines of Devon and Cornwall. Hard but worth it … just like quitting. More importantly, this group were quitters quitting together. Those first 6 months were hell at times but were made easier for being part of that group. When craving, fed up, tempted off the rails, there was always someone around with words of encouragement or insults even. I will be eternally grateful I quit in October 2009.

Then the roundabout crew …. and the meeting of one of it’s members with great taste in food, in coloured pumps, music too ... do wish she would make her mind up what to call me ….. but at least it’s not POL the POO! :p

I may not have the greatest taste in music … (and will continue to populate, on and off, that thread with APP :p) ….. but what I do have is the ability to quit....

…… and remain quit. Those first 6 months were hard but worth every emotional up and down. For anyone reading ahead keep looking forward and believe in yourself and your quit. It’s a journey with no end. It’s your journey and your quit … own it and yes, even enjoy it.

Two folk in particular made me stop and think …… and enforced my decision to carry on quitting ….. Jackie and Dee.

Okay ….. I'm bored now :P

Is that okay Lorna? You happy now? Will you please put that bloody sodding clip board away ……………….. NOW! Xx

Christine ….. where’s the wine?

Tobacco Raod

With A Litle Help From My Friends

Thank you xx

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What a great inspirational post Pol, and many congratulations on your 1 year milestone! 'Tis but a dream to be there for me (being only on day 3), but I hope to manage it!


HUGE congratulations Pol, and once again to all you Octoquits, you are truly an inspirational group, and I do believe the most successful, a real credit to each of you as individuals.

Lorraine :)


Agree with you there Lozza, AMAZING group!

and well done Pol, the group and support will only get you to the 1 year mark if you put effort into your quit.. and you obviously did! :) It's great to see you so proud of yourself and enjoying life so much (cycling etc.) without the fags - shows me in my moments of doubt that it really can be done!

Congratulations :D


WELL WELL WELL.....she did it...big tick on the clipboard :)

Huge CONGRATULATIONS Pol....ok this may be emotional, so be warned...:eek:

This lady has not only got herself quit for one whole year but as been the leader and inspiration for the whole Octoquit group...:cool:

It was Pol who started the Octoquits, kept us all laughing at the start and as one by one we stopped posting as we didn't need the group as much in the last six months, Pol held the fort open and has always been here to say hello to anyone of us who dropped back in.

She has the memory of an elephant (meant that nicely btw) and remembers everything she has read, including my birthday...awe bless you. She has always asked personally how our quit was going and never ever has she asked for help herself. I know many of us owe her loads, she really has been a rock to many.

From me Pol a massive THANK YOU for the cushions and the wine....how many nights did we sit on those virtual cushions drinking virtual wine (ahem) and put the world to rights....you have been such a huge support to me in many many ways and I will always treasure your kindness and open door.

So enjoy your day Hun I am so so proud of you. You got us all here and I look forward to many more cushions and wine evenings in the future.:)

Lots of love and hugs.....Lorna xxxx


Hey Polmandyamanowl. Truly one in a million. You gave me Iron and Wine and proper directions as to the acrossness and downess within the middle west of the land. You secretly taught me how to put proper names in the Sax thread after I got slightly confused and exposed me to Seasick Steve! (thank got seasick steve did not expose himself, that would not have been nice!)

I love my roundabout. The images will be eternally burnt in my mind, of piles of leaves and grass and people flying off and gloves and cut heads and walls and bobble hats seated firmly on heads.

I send you Jaffa cakes, Blissfull Templetree, Green and Blacks and salt and shake crisps in thanks for unwavering support, a true sharp wit, shite speeling and grammer and for putting a smile on my face everyday.

Great congratulations my friend, may the next year be just as good. xx

Fi x



and so you should post your acheivement it's a massive one.

I can only echo what Lorna said!

You've been a fantastic support to me - thank you

Tinks xx


Wow, I have been looking forward to this day to send a special big Well Done to you Pol. I echo the remarks the others have given, you are great fun to be around and these days I especially enjoy our fun on the 'Name that Tune' thread. If I was able to help you in any way it was a pleasure to do so. Enjoy your special day, you sure deserve it.

Jackie x


Well done Pol - and I agree with all the others, enjoy your day!


Leaves gooo and hits da wallz

Congrats wor Pol

Really interesting to read your journey, the whys and the hows.... odd isn't it that after sucessfully giving up for 8 weeks, us addicts still consider going back.

What are we addicts.....


You've been mined :D:D


My Dear Pal

Can it be a whole year ? So many congratulations to you my dear Pol, so many times your advice has been valued. You have made me laugh out loud at times when I was so miserable and wanting a fag ! I feel that at times you have held the hands of all the octos .

My next journey ( groan) is underway, swimming world, although i eat the cardboard flavoured recipe sugestions grumpily I am secretly proud that I have lost 5lbs in 10 days. Less wine less wine !

You have been brilliant Pol and I thank you for that



I'm here, late but here!

Pol you are the glue of the group, you have always been able to make me laugh and due to that I'm sure you must be at least half northern!! It is a huge pleasure to have met someone as witty, supportive and with a wine addiction as you.

Well done you, now pass the bottle of red and I will get the packet of 20 out!!

Love ya sweetheart and very proud xx


and I will get the packet of 20 out!!

Flipping heck Christine, men only buy them in packs of three.


Hi Pol MASSIVE CONGRATS you have now made it too the one year milestone which doesn’t surprise me in the least because you are one of the most amazing quitters on this forum.

Not only have you managed to keep your own quit strong you have also managed to help keep many on this forum smoke free as well, I have nothing but respect for you Pol you are the one person on this forum that has helped me to have a blemish free quit and I say once again thank you for that.

You have a fantastic time in the Penthouse and I wish you all the best for the second and all the following years of your super quit, take care and just make sure you have a comfy bicycle seat, well you don’t want a sore botty do you.


Flipping heck Christine, men only buy them in packs of three.

Oh dear that made me giggle......


Hey, tell me it isn't so....

...da musak posting Queen hit's three, six and five :) A member of Octoquitters, a fine bunch of quitters, wholesome and resolute, stillettoed and clipboard supporting :eek: An anchor point given the 15th day of your month....and a little more hours cos it's 31 days, dontcha know ;)

In a roundabout way....it's good to have you aboard :cool:


Aaaaaah blimmin hell Pol, I missed your quit date!

Umm.. congratumelations, it's a BLIMMIN YEAR!!!!!!!! A YEAR!!!!!

The cats love this song, hope you do too! (It's a prowly song hehe!)


Well done PoL. Thought it must be about a year for you, so logged in to see.....

I'm gonna be joining a this year octoquitters if there is one, as i had fallen big style off the wagon again (sigh) Plus it seems to be a very successful month to quit !!!

Have a fish from me and some Baileys of course.:D



Remember this one? Now you are really there!


Well done you have done brilliantly. I have been so proud to be part of the Octoquits and can't believe that I too will be reaching my 1 year milestone next week but this forum has definitely helped loads xxx


:D Pol you are a True Star

Dearest Pol

What can I say that we haven`t said before, your posts to me kept me going many times when I was more than ready to give in my quit, you comforted, cajoled, made me laugh, made me cry but above all kept me going. I felt really low when my quit buddys gave in but I never felt alone whilst the Octos were around and especially you.

I know you did not set out to quit for keeps, but I think I have a bit of input in making you think twice, sorry for that, but I really appreciate all your friendship for the last 12 months.

I hope you are enjoying the penthouse sweetheart, save me a room, and more importantly try and save me some red wine will you !! I am on the wagon at the moment as desperately trying to loose the lardarse but am looking forward to seeing you, Lorna, Christine,MCW and her cats as well as meeting the other Octos.

Thanks again Pol

Love ya

Dee xxx


Flipping heck Christine, men only buy them in packs of three.



I'm late with my congrats, Pol! Sorry!! CONGRATULATIONS on passing your one year milestone! It's been great getting to know you this past year and I'm real proud of you! Keep up the good quit! Love, bella xxxx


I'm late too, but I couldn't let this one go past. Fantastic to have you around the old place, and I can only echo all of what (well most) has gone before on this thread. You are amazing.

Keep up the good work.


Brilliant Pol. Well done I'm so pleased for you. The Octoquitters are such a great group I'm so pleased I picked October to quit in - and you have been a big part in it all



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