No Smoking Day
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Dear All.

New to the site and thought I would share some things with you.

Yesterday became non smoker.,yes !!!!

I have had hypnotherapy and went in smoking came out non smoker.

Today I have felt like I wanted Cig two or three times today but not for long and I am not in any pain,only my mind is so conditioned.

I have tried hypnosis before and did stop but after few months started again.

So there is help out there.I know the NRT work for some and what ever it takes but to me I think that nicotine is the chemical makes you dependant on cigs so why take it another way as you still on nicotine.

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Well that's fantastic, as you say, whatever works for you is great. I know someone who found hypnosis fab also, not sure if they are still not smoking cos I haven't seen them in a while.

What made you start again when you had hypnosis before, do you have to go for a refresher session to keep the suggestion in the mind?

Hope you find the forum a help, there are some fab people on here and almost every experience you can imagine, so you'll always be able to relate to someone and of course pass on your experience to help others.

Lorraine :)


Thank you

Hi Lozza,

I don't know what made me start again after first hypnosis session as I remember I had to force myself as did not like the taste.

I rolled my own cigs perhaps averaging 20-30 day,do you think tobacco less harmful than packet cigs.

I can if I want have a follow up session.

still feel like a cig,but will not.


Hi Tell, Congratulations on finding the strength and will power to stop smoking, believe it or not it’s you that is making this quit not the hypnosis because in your mind you have made the decision and no matter what others say to you only you can sustain the quit so keep telling yourself that you want to be smoke free and that’s how you will stay, doesn’t matter in what form you smoked it’s all carcinogenic so NOPE should be you mantra now, Not One Puff Ever


The nicotine thing is crazy isn't it, smoking although the taste is horrible, we've all been there, it's insane.

Well I think it's brilliant that you feel so calm and positive about the whole thing, and long may it continue, there will be plenty envious of you, me included!

I don't think there's a lot of difference between roll-ups and ready made cigs, they all contain the nicotine plus other chemicals, and all deliver it the same way so the addiction is the same. We all smoked for different reasons, at different times, thought it was such a huge part of us, there was a lot of reconditioning that went on in my head but I truly do think i've come out of it a more confident person, I don't think I realised at the time how miserable I was smoking! Mad eh.

Lorraine :)


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