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Day 4 Tonsillitis?


Day 4 and my throat is in so much pain smoking is the last thing I want to do, even if in part it might numb the pain ;_;

I only ever smoked like 1-4 a day so have stopped cold turkey.

My never-ending cough (seriously had it ever since I had the flu 3months ago on and off!) been getting worse and yesterday throat ached a little, wake up today after a restless night of sneezing, coughing, headache and general insomnia and now added to the list... full blown tonsillitis. I know this because I have had it before (when I first started smoking.. humm coincidence..)

Used a torch to look down my throat and back of my throat they are swollen, red and covered in yellowy phlegm I keep coughing up.

Decided to give up on Sunday Morning after gobbing up some big nasty the diameter of my throat with stripes of red blood and yellow, white and green gunk in it like aquafresh toothpaste gone wrong!

I am getting ready for an interview for a volunteer work with kids job I really want. Part of a big fresh start, but keep thinking if I had just waited a few days to give up I wouldn't have a nasty cough and lost voice at the interview!

Guess I mighta stunk of smoke though and been all need-a-cig stressy before and after.

Told my smoking housemate today I would super appreciate it if he would smoke less around me because I am quitting to try improve my health, and just got a dirty look and a "uhh whatever" he knows I have tried before, one of the main reasons I fail is he always smokes around me and I will ask for a drag, then argue when he says no and nag until he gives in. He doesn't get if he smokes in his room or in the front room when I'm not around, or even if he tells me he's gonna have one and I'll leave the room, then we would never get to that :(

Day 4 quite hard.

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Sorry that day 4 was so hard for you. Hope the rest of the week is easier!

Your house mate should really respect the fact that you are trying to give up and that he isn't helping. Will he not make the house no smoking, or even just smoke in his bedroom? It wont help you constantly being around lingering cigarette smoke.

Keep hanging in there, I know we can do it! :D

Hope you're feeling better! I know exactly how you feel though because on my day four I got ill as well although not with tonsillitus- I got sinusitis.

Like you said, the last thing you want when you've got a painful throat is a cigarette. And look on it as a good thing- it was 4-5 days til I was feeling normal and by then I had gotten through what is supposed to be a hard time with the cravings because there was no way I was wanting to smoke one feeling the way I did.

I hope it worked out that way for you! And if he isn't going to warn you that he's going to light up so you can walk away in time then just watch out for him reaching for his pack and walk away of your own accord.

Good luck!

Hi Bumble Bee I am sorry that you are feeling so rough but you know that this will pass and when it does you will feel so much better health wise.

As for your house mate there is no point in expecting him/her to care about your quit as they probably want you to fail and then they want have to think how bad for them smoking is will they???? Show them that you are stronger than they and that you are going to be smoke free for the rest of your life, which I might add will be longer than theres.

This forum is a great quit sustainer and I hope you never look back.

Thanks everyone

My housemate is just a right a**e about a lot of things so I have got over his attitude and he seems to be respecting it a little bit in his own mysterious he will smoke in front room but if knock on his door to ask him to clean something "ohh you cant come in i have been smoking" haha Men will twist anything to their advantage!

The day got better and the tonsilitus went away really fast, compared to last time anyway it took months , this time I am pretty much over it in what 2days?

yay feeling positive about the whole cig thing.

Noticed my housemate and his clothes stink and makes me not want to be around cig smoke anymore, gotta be a good sign

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