No Smoking Day
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Great forum all

Exactly what i need.

Been thinking off stopping for a few weeks, (well months if not years if the truth be told), in my late thirties so seemed like a good time.

something twigged late last week and decided to go for it, i bought a 12 week champix course as a few of my friends recommended it. set myself a target of tomorrow to stop but woke up this morning and decided to see how far into the day i could go before buying any. made it through ok with only minor cravings. pleased with myself and feeling positive to boot, i'm sure i'll have a few bad days which is why i'm here but so far so good.

Most of my friends in work spat their coffee out when i told them i no longer smoked but thats just made me more determined :D

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go for it.

I think everone has to go for what they believe will work for them.

I am cold turkey really and am on day 2,hard but what is'nt in life.

Do hope you just do it,good luck.


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