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No Smoking Day
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7 days!!!!

Just a little thread to celebrate my milestone with some people who know how it feels!!

I had a happy little coincidence happen too.

When I quit I was using a nicotine inhalator just to take the edge off and it really did help in the first couple of days, but on Saturday I had a painful throat and headaches- generally feeling groggy. At first I thought it was probably just to do with the quitting, but it got worse and then I realised I had a sinus infection.

The thing is that I was feeling so poorly I couldn't stand to use my inhalator on Saturday night as it irritated my throat. The next day I didn't even think about using it as I was feeling even worse.

Before I knew it I had my antibiotics from my GP to make me feel better, and also the nicotine was all out of my system and I wasn't craving!

I will admit that I am still thinking about cigarettes, but its more out of habit (nearly lunchtime- time for a fag, just finished dinner- time for a fag) than out of any want for nicotine. Now I just need to get myself out of the habit.

I honestly thought I would never be happy to have a sinus infection- but just this one time those painful few days were worth it!

So to anyone in my boat who is seven days cigarette free (or even 4 days without any nicotine) well done!!!!!! :D

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Grats on the 7 day!

It is hard to change habits, we get stuck in the same ones for weeks, months, some people even years on end.

Try do something really random new and different even if it is just for an hour a week, then try change the rest fo your life little by little. Even something as small as moving which end of the bed you sleep at or moving the stuff on your desk around can stop you making that association with when you used to have a cig.


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