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onwards and upwards.... (or downwards if you're looking at the forum index)

Well.... I made it here....

Now into my 4th week although today has been a bit harder.

The champix had been making me feel a bit too spaced and slightly nauseous (although it was working splendidly!) so in consultation with my quit counsellor, I reduced my dose to just one tablet a day. First couple of days on the new dose were fine but the past couple have been more difficult with quite a lot of craves. I know I'm not going to give into them... but uncomfortable nevertheless! On the plus side I feel alert again and no nausea at all! :)

Had a great breakthrough at the weekend though..... first few gigs I stayed inside while everyone went out for a fag. This weekend though I went out with the smokers and just sat and chatted whilst everyone around me smoked. It really didn't bother me... in fact it was easier because I didn't feel I was missing out on anything like when I stayed inside like Billy-no-Mates... the best conversation and laughs is always outside in the smokers corner!

And the great big Brucie Bonus which is keeping me going through it all is that my voice is getting stronger and stronger!!!! :D

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congratulations on the brucie bonus :) i know what you mean though, my voice is much stronger too, but as i cant hold a tune to save my life i'm not sure this is a good thing lol but still didn't stop me singing at work yesterday :D

great news on the champix front, can't stay on the stuff forever. and i like the idea we are moving downwards! explains that sinking feeling i've been having!! 5mol<er


Wow that 4 weeks has flown (I expect it hasn't for you) I remember my 1st post to you! You're doing fab!!!

Jane x


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