Should I quit smoking?

That is a question I asked myself for many years.

And then in August 2009 I decided enough was enough. I want control back, I have to prove I can do without the smokes. I smoked 20 a day, B&H Gold, for 25 years.

I used patches (strongest ones) and also lozenges for when I was feeling bad.

I am still strong, I haven't had a single ciggie since August 2009. I have had some really tough days, and have had to keep myself motivated by focussing on why I wanted to quit. I have felt high and then low, I have felt happy and depressed. It is tough mentally as well as physically.

What I am trying to say is, it CAN be done. And I feel great. I actually started running and do about 15k a week. I used to see the "nutters" running past my house in the mornings whilst I was standing out the side door having a quick fag before getting ready for work. And now I am one of them!

It is great to be a NUTTER!

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for a very funny post! I have been having a tough day(only day8), but your story has put it all into clearer perspective for me. Congratulations on making it into year number 2!

  • how wonderful! It is lovely to see that it can be done...

    15k is very impressive too! I still see runners as nutters :P but that's only because I find running quite boring... maybe its not boredom at all tho and lack of fitness which I don't realise!... and someday I'll be going round running past people's houses making them think 'what a nutter'.

    I go to the gym 4 times a week now tho :) can really feel the lungs clear up! recommend something like this.

  • These sorts of posts are really motivated (I think) for people like me who has failed so many times and is in the early stages of a quit - it shows it can be done... The fitness thing hasn't hit me yet...I wish it would but at the moment by cross training is excellent for hanging clothes on :D



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