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Quitting - feeling faint and tired!

Hi everyone - I'm stocked up with all the Nicotine Replacements and been trying to quit for a week now. I have gone down from 20 a day to 5 a day. I can't seem to stop completely. One of the reasons is I keep feeling sick and dizzy as part of the craving for a cigarette, as well as feeling fearful. I have read somewhere that increased oxygen when giving up can make you feel a bit faint. Also I am constantly looking for food - it's like I am insatiable. Anyone else identify with these symptoms??:eek:

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No not really..........try getting champix they are best thing out of patches and the inhaler, well that's just my opinion. x


Hey SammyJane,

It sounds like you are defeated before you start. Maybe not quite ready?

I was light headed a bit on the first day, and most of the urges were from my head playing games with me. But that passed quite quickly.

On day 4 now, and although not a doddle by any means each day has got easier.

You really need to be in the right frame of mind. Focus and each day you will see the positives, less cravings, cleaner smell, better breathing, more money!

As for food, i'm not worrying about that for the first week. Many cigarettes are "rewards". So i'm rewarding myself with food I wouldn't usually eat. Back to healthy eating next week!! Had a bit of a craving tonight, but the Chinese sorted that out!! lol

Stick with it, and good luck! :)


Hola Sammyjane,

I agree with Brett about each day being better, you'll see :)

What is making you smoke those 5 a day? are they part of your daily routine? Have you started reading about tobacco and the risks involved with smoking? I have not read it yet but I believe that in Allen Carr's book that you should not stop smoking whilst you read it. You could try that out? I heard it worked for many.

Try to stay active, do things where smoking is not easy like cinema or shopping malls. Anyway, Sammyjanem you are in the right track now: LIFE. Welcome ;)

Have a lovely evening


well i dont know what is up with my laptop but i have posted a reply and it seems to be lost in cyberland somewhere??? anyway it'll keep my mitts busy for a few mins whilst i type it out again lol

yep sammyjane i can relate to the feeling faint thing although mine is more of a dizzy feeling - really odd!!! i'm not really any more hungry than usual but i do feel more bloated and whale like - i was 8 and a half stone on tues when i quit so i'm gonna weigh myself every week just to monitor the situation - luckily i'm back at uni on monday so i will be running around like a nutter for the next 9 months so that should keep the pounds off - fingers crossed. im also shattered - i actually feel jet-lagged or something - i read somewhere its to do with your body repairing itself - so get plenty of R&R!!!!:)

do u know i think uve done really well dropping from 20 to 5 a day so keep it up and you'll be down to zero a day - try the mini lozenge thingies - im on patches but ive bought lozenges just incase i get an intense craving, so far they remain unopened but ive had a naff day today so i think they'll be gettin christened before long.

have a browse on the t'internet at some smoking horror stories - sounds grim but it frightens me into staying away from them and last of all invest in an iphone or a DS or something like that, i can't leave my phone or the kids DS's alone for 5 mins so my hands are always busy

good luck and keep trying x


Smoking Horror Stories

Hi everyone, thanks for your replies. @Baby D, looking at smoking horror stories is a very effective (and scary) way to put you right off the fags - in fact it was after looking at a few of these that I decided to quit. Really sad to see some of these poor people breathing through tubes and dying younger than they should. What a wake up call though. I think the government should have more posters up off these terrible effects of smoking on people's health - the warnings on the packets aren't enough to put you off, but when you see someone attached to a oxygen cyclinder, dying it scares you so much. I know it's a morbid thing to do, but I think you are right - we have to become almost afraid of cigarettes in order to give them up properly.


...we have to become almost afraid of cigarettes in order to give them up properly.

Afraid? Never!

Treat tobacco with contempt and derision.

Give it teeth and it'll bite.


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