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My diary - day 3

Hi all, hope ur all well today!!

Well day 3 is generally a bad day for me, up to now I feel fine, mornings are always manic in our house so keeping busy is the key I think. Well I'm off to my legal placement again so that'll keep me out of trouble for half a day haha!!!

Hope everyone else is ok. Have a happy smoke free day, I'll report in lata. :) xxx

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well done x


Keep on keeping on.... you're doing great!!!:)


thanks everyone!!

Well as expected day 3 has been a little tougher than the last two days, i was fine this morning as I was busy at my placement, it sort of kicked in around 4pm - the kids were all scrapping, the house was a tip, the plumber turned up to fix the downstairs loo and the gardener turned up all at the same time as the cat coming home wanting food!!! such a persistent animal lol!!!

anyway i rode it out without killing anyone - especially the cat - i swear i will not be responsible for my actions if that ball of fur tries to trip me up one more time during my quit haha (i luv our tigger really!!)

anyway as the night has gone on ive suffered peaks and troughs - been ok one min then really fed up the next and i am so so tired - i havent felt this tired since i was pregnant (no i'm not lol!!!)

had a read up on withdrawal and i seem to be suffering alot of the symptoms even tho i am using NRT - is this still possible?? i am aching everywhere - like ive got the flu, i have dizzy moments (nothing unusual there then!!) my chest aint as bad today but my shoulder and arm are still achey, like ive slept funny and ive had a yukky headache :( so all in all i cannot say ive had the best of days but tbh i was expecting it really and it aint half as bad as day 3 last week when i was CT and completely caved in and had a fag so i suppose all is not that bad.

hope everyone else is ok - keep me posted how ur all gettin on xxx i'll post back tmrow after ive been to see my quit smoking nurse, stacey (i've named her stop with stacey lol) my last cessation councillor was called Jit so his name was quit with Jit!!!! i think i need to get out more lol xxx


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