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what's that sound?

this story is a little old, been sitting in my head for just over a week, keeps rattling around and asking to be put on the forum :)

things change when you quit, most of these are good! some are obvious, and i suppose they come in a fairly predictable order for those who know what to look for.

first change i noticed was energy. almost as soon as i quit i started beavering around the house, first cleaning up ash and stains (ugh!) from surfaces where ashtrays had sat. then cleaning and washing and hoovering until the worst ciggie smells were gone. then, to pass time while craving (or so i thought) i did little household chores, things i really had let slip as a smoker. but in fact what i was doing was deeper than passing time, i was getting back into non-smoker activity. normal activity - i.e. not sitting on my butt all the time!! good change, like it!

next big change was in breathing at night, in that i now could!! good change, nuff said!

sense of smell of course, first thing you smell after the ciggie smell is gone is probably youself! or your house! in my case this led naturally to more washing and cleaning :D then other things start to smell, bins in the street, other people!! strange things smell you wouldn't expect, like an old paper lying on a wall (that's just odd! smelly odd!). people not living in a city might start to smell flowers i suppose - it's all relative. good change anyway.

at about week two i noticed a new change, a change somehow in the quality of sound. well hearing is a sense just like smell, so why not? i seemed to be able to hear things amplified when i was walking around, especially in the morning on my way to work. i could hear the traffic, people talking at a distance, wind in the trees, doors opening and closing, all the normal things but all crisp and clear, like new. i liked this change, of course! i also noticed the sound of my footsteps, they were, i saw, just about the only sound i was making. when i walked with extra care i could be almost silent amid the noise around me, invisible, a stealth human!

so yes it dawned on me, my hearing wasn't getting better. the 'quality of sound' hadn't changed. the rest of the world was still making the same noises as two weeks ago. i simply wasn't coughing and spluttering and wheezing and gasping and smoking and polluting and retching and stumbling and rushing and beating myself up, and all the rest!!!

just silence

deep breaths :)


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Maybe your hearing aid fell out :D


I did read an article once that smoking is bad for hearing and can cause damage to ear drums, so what you are saying is very possible.


RDN lmao!! :p go to the top of the class!

dave, is that right? that's a bit scary.... i'll have a look round on the net...


I'm with RDN - you have adjusted your hearing aid, haven't you?

No honestly - well done you :)


The sound of silence, amusing eh? Great to hear you are doing well (see what I did there? HA!) :p


ok it's official..... Humour is back in full swing!


i love the replies on this thread :) well done peeps, you made this tired ex smoker smile a big smile :)


pardon...what did you say :D


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