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End of day 5

Still going all, coming to the end of day 5 now cold turkey, have had very few cravings today and feeling allot better, slept so well last night even though the loss of nicotine gave me some restless nights at first, it seems to have got better now and I woke up feeling so fresh and breathing so much better than I used too. I have to remeber all these things when I get cravings :) Long way to go though I know but Im determined!

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Whoop!! Whoop!! very well done you :)

It isnt easy......but it does get better every day. Like you I didnt sleep well for the first few nights....but much much better now. Am also going cold 23!!. If I can do it....anyone can!!.



We are going to bed much later than we usually do, which is helping us sleep. Day One was tough. Hubby & I guit together and we were anxious and had trouble falling to sleep. Good luck to all! SO GLAD I QUIT

15/Day for 22 yrs Last smoked 10/3/10



after 48 hours there is no nicotine left in the body, think after you do 2 days you start to relax and think, why would i want to put that back in, i've made it this far!

Im on day 5!! feeling good... had a few cravings but just drinking water when i get them!


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