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Day 3 - Feel surprisingly good!

Hey Guys,

New to forum, but the day 1 and day 2 threads helped me no end!!!

Day 1 was bad as i constantly craved, day 2 less craving but more fuzzy-headedness, in a daze and irritable.

Day 3, half way through, and touch wood feel quite "normal". A couple of cravings not worth talking about, and quite chirpy.

I can even feel my sense of smell and taste coming back! Which is good and bad!!

On the plus side the millionaires shortbread tasted bloody incredible, on the other hand when i walked in the house at lunchtime the smell of fusty old cigs was rather disgusting!!

I know today may be a fluke and bad days may lie ahead, but after the horror of day 1 and 2 i'm positive it will generally get easier now!!

And cheers for other posters, it really helped!!


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Hola Brett,

Welcome to the forum! I think you will find it quite a lot of resources and support over here :)

Lucky you are noticing improvements in your senses, I have not recovered much smell yet, but food is yummy now, but I have to watch my weight, just in case! hehe How long were you a smoker?

How are you coping? Did you go cold turkey or used any substitutes? I went cold turkey and after week 1 the cravings were gone.

Well, keep up the good work!


Hey raulek,

I have been smoking 20 a day for 20 years. More at weekends!

Had some half hearted attempts at giving up but nothing serious, until now.

I'm using Champix, after it was recommended. Although after days 1 and 2 i really didn't think it was working, they were hell!

Day three and now day 4 have been relatively straight forward, i'm finding that today i'm thinking about cigarettes less. Yesterday i had few cravings but it was still on my mind constantly.

I was healthy eating and cycling everyday up to quitting, what with the weather and not smoking i decided to have a week off it and eat nice stuff "as a treat"! lol

Next week will start the exercise again and hopefully notice the benefit of not smoking. off to day 4 thread!! woohoo! :0)



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