Dont really know where to write???

Morning Everyone!

Happy Wednesday, half way through. Hope u all had a good "No Smoke Day" yesterday?

Not really to sure on where to write at the mo?:confused: On day "9" so i'll carry on here "Day 4-7" until I hit the 2 week marker.

Good day yesterday, but unfortunately I did eat alot :mad: although im drinking 1.5L aday of water, i should start think about doing some exercise soon, my daughter wants to start jogging!! :rolleyes: so maybe we could have a giggle doing that "A mum and daughter" moment ha ha

Hope u all have a good "No Smoking Day"! today. :D


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  • I'm new but I think second week means from day 8 if you want to go there, as in the second week you are being smoke free for, not after you finish week 2.

    Or stay here wherever you feel best :D

    How do you drink so much water? I am never thirsty and hate the taste of plain water, I am a diet coke girl (another bad thing for me, but I'm keeping that for now!)

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