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First day



I don't normally write on forums. I have quit today, it's my first day, i am currently taking champix and they have worked i don't crave cigs, but i want one. I have smoked for 14 years and have two little girls both who are three. I am 28 and this is killing me.

I am currently sat with a yellow pencil stuck to my hand, i really want to quit smoking and i am posting on here basically just to moan and rant. I woke up this morning and felt so depressed. Will it get easier as the day goes on?

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Keatesy, well done for deciding to quit, now you just have to work through it one day at a time.

One of the hardest things I have found about this whole quit thing is the change of routine. It wasn't just dealing with the craves, but also with the habit of having one after breakfast, walking the dog, eating, coffee, breathing etc. etc. Now you don't have to change routines, but what you do have to do is rethink them, it will feel strange and you may have to 'reward' yourself with something else but the important thing is to consciously realise your decision not to smoke at those trigger times, and then each time you decide not to, instead of just trying to put it out of your mind, you will be thinking it through and mentally making that decision. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it does send big messages to that little sub-conscious of yours that's telling you that just one won't hurt and that's where the nicodemon lurks.

We all have our decisions to quit, they all vary, but they are all valid and important to us. Many of us aren't on our first quit, but we are all heading for the same target. Stick with this, you won't regret it, take it one day at a time, read all about the addiction, it's tricks, and also about all the good that comes from quitting, it really is worth every bit of effort.

Keep us posted, look forward to seeing you in day 2.

Lorraine :)

Hola Keatsy!

Congratulations on your decision :) I agree 100% with looza about the routine and the nicotidemon. First days are not easy, and I would recommend avoiding the pencil, try breaking that association. I got rid of all the ciggies, lighters and ashtrays so I would not remember about it.

I have no kids myself but I cannot imagine dealing with not one but 2 three year old kids, you are already a champion!!!

Read a lot about tobacco, get informed, it will help you when in doubt ;)

Keep it up Keatsy!

Day 1 champix

I was ok with the champix up till this afternoon. Now I am stuck to sitting in an extremely bad mood!! i dont even feel like a cig but god im sooo annoyed and sensitive to noise yikess.


good luck with your quit :)

thanks peeps


I am going to bed now, but i can happily say i've made it through day one. Tomorrow will be another challenge as the girls come back from their dads, and i do smoke more when the girls are about just to get 5 minutes peace at the back door.

I have gone in my bag so many times to get a fag and remembered i don't smoke. I've not really paid much attention to the time neither, as when i read the clock, i think ive done so many hours with out one and it makes me want one more.

Im so proud, i even went to my boyfriends and he was at the door smoking when i arrived, he stunk when he came back in. It's so easy to go and just get a fag, but life aint easy and i will not let them turdy fags get the better of me. Suprising after one day how much i feel better, ive hardly coughed ive not had a frog in my throat. I just hope i can do this!! and i need to know that smoking doesn't solve ur problems, or help in a situation, its mind over matter.

And in four weeks, when i get 140 quid off my mum ill be happy as a pig in poo xxx

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