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No Smoking Day
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Day four of champix


this is my first time on a forum and my second time trying to stop smoking with the help of Champix. It worked for me before and I'm hoping it does again, this time I wont fall for "one wee puff will be fine" Having lost a parent and now a close friend to cancer, I live every day scared that I will be next. I have a lovely family and a new grandchild, so everything to live for. In previous attempts, and there have been many, I struggle with the mental attitude, or lack of!! Patches, Champix etc etc have helped with the nicotine cravings, but the psychological side is a different story. It is hard to explain when you know how bad smoking is and how there is nothing at all to recommend it, but the thought of never having another cigarette scares me. I am hoping the thought of an early death will scare me more.

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Hi brownowl

Welcome! bestsmileys.com/signs13/24.gif

Stay with us and keep us updated on your progress! I find that logging on here each day helps to keep my focussed on my goal... to be a non-smoker... and reading about other people's experiences makes you realise that you're not alone in it all!

Good luck with your quit!!! :)


Hi Cantante

Thanks for the encouragement. Have noticed I am smoking a lot less, but am constantly thinking of the next one. Early days I suppose. I have never used a forum before, so am slowly finding my way round. I will take your advice and see how others are coping.

Thanks again.


Hi Brownowl

This is the start of Champix and a new life for me too. I have tried before to give up and this time i am determined to give it a all i have. I thought long and hard about where i went wrong the last times and know that the NICOTINE DEVIL has a nasty hold on me and wants me to keep going back for more but i decided that i had to beat this addiction once and for all otherwise i will be another statistic and i almost feel like an outcast at times anyhow. Now we all know that smoking is bad for you but its not an easy thing to give up, we miss the nicotine hit YES, we miss the having something to hold YES but for some reason and i am one of these i just cant let go so with that in my head i decided that i needed help so an appt with the local Nurse was made and she put me on Champix too. I am on day 4 now, so the start of 2 a day lower dose, i have to go back on Tuesday to see her and my quit date is the 1st Nov, that way i start a new month as i mean to go on. I want to quit because i know its bad for you, i only smoke outside and when out there i think why am i out there and also because now i feel im not getting anything from it so that was my motivation as well as knowing i want to live as long as i can and dont want to smell and taste like an ashtray esp when the kids or my OH kiss me. Good luck my friend, we are both in the same boat and i do hope that everything goes well for you. Do let us know how things pan out as i will too. x


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