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do medicines work?

Hi everyone i posted this in another forum but not sure where i will get the response i need..

Basically i am starting to quit right here and really wanted to know has anyone tried the medicine Champix? I just got some online from a pharmacy and wanted to know if it really does work and if so has anyone triied it and can anyone 'coach' or advise me through the days.. a nurse friend of mine told me about it and went on and on about how well it works with some of her patients, so i wanted to try it and i guess this is now my time..

Help would be greatly appreciated!!

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I haven't tried it myself but if you read a few threads on different parts of this forum you'll realise that (although people go through hell the first week!) it does seem to be quite effective in keeping people quit most of the time.

I can't really talk though as I havent done it myself...



Hi Quitter 2, not being an expert on Champix or any other medication I would not want to offer advice regarding the taking of it, but what I will say is that before you consider taking a drug that is usually prescribed by a doctor, or a nurse or even a pharmacist who will see you on a regular basis.

So maybe this is what you should do prior to taking it, i.e. book an appointment with your Doctor or Nurse or go to your local chemist, these are a long term medication and you need to have proper supervision while on them, I wish you success in your quit and know that using this site is a great step forward and there will always be someone here to help you quit permanently, stay smoke free and healthy.


yeah im sure it works as long as you don't expect it to do the work. Never tried it but I hear it has some bad side affects.


thanks so much for the quick feedback!!

I would still love to hear from someone who is a few steps ahead of me on the journey though I do think this forum is going to help me irrespective of whether others are on the same journey!

Karas, I heard about the side effects and thats why am staying in close contact with the doctors on(Removed by Mod 2 as this is Spam)in case! I also have one of my best friends who is a nurse and she has patients, so I am guessing that she will have some good advice for me too..the first thing I find strange about the champix is that I have to smoke with it for a while!

Now, thats a great way to give up.. ! :-0


Quitter 2, I have removed suppliers name, please do not use again on the forum as this is spam and against forum rules. Thank You Mod 2.


I've been quit 10 days using Champix and would say a big, resounding, "YES! it does work!" That's not to say that it doesn't still require willpower, or that you won't get any cravings.

I gave up 4 years ago, mainly cold turkey, but with a few pieces of nicotine gum when I got really desperate and I remember nearly climbing the walls in the early days. Compared to that, Champix really does take the edge off the quit. Unfortunately, like a fool, I started smoking again 2 years ago... hence I am here quitting again with the help of Champix.

You continue smoking in the early stages of taking the tablet whilst it's effects start to kick in.... you will know when this has happened because you will find that you will naturally start to smoke less and less. Firstly because you stop thinking about smoking so much, and then later because smoking whilst taking the pills makes them increasingly unpleasant. I found that when I got to my quit date that I was ready to give them up.

The first few days weren't easy... but they were a hell of a lot easier than it had been during my last quit and now, on day 10, I feel fine.


Hi Cantante

I used Champix as I never thought I could do it CT. Pleas just remember Champix is a very strong drug, so just be careful.

This is a great thread to read on Champix, hope it helps.


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