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day 4 of not smoking day 12 champix

im feeling ok have cravings but soon pass had a hard time after my lunch just kept thinking about a cigarette but didnt cave.struggling with tbe tablets feel really sick n heave for about an hour after taking them.feel tired in the morning but struggle to sleep.the tablets are helping tho much better than nrt or ct although did quit with ct for a month n started again that was in the new yr

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Sounds like you're having a bit of a tough time! Well done for keeping on keeping on!! :)

I'm finding that the nausea with Champix is getting less and less every day (and much less now that I'm not smoking with it too!). Hope it settles for you soon. Are you eating and drinking plenty with the tablet?

The downside to not having the nausea now is that I just want to eat all the time!!!!!


Well done on day 4, thats brilliant!!

Hang on in there!


Evening to both of you, can’t say I know much about Champix but take my hat off to you both for sticking with it even if it makes you sick, I know CT is not easy but it was a choice I made as I wanted to feel better as quick as possible and I couldn’t do with the nausea as I hate puking LOL

You are both beating this thing and I expect you are both feeling rightly proud of yourselves no matter which way you quit. Keep posting and I’m sure it want be long before you are managing without the drugs.

Drink plenty and try to eat a balanced diet as I know it will help no matter which way you quit.


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