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On Day 2


Hi everyone!

I have been a lurker here for months since I made my last attempt to stop smoking and only lasted a few hours LOL

I am now on Day 2 after having had my last smoke at 10:30am yesterday morning (it's now 8:30am here in Australia) ...technically it's only been 22 hours lol but I am so proud that I am still going strong.

I've had my most wobbly moments this morning after I first got up...I am a very early riser and those first dark hours of the morning when I was only half awake were not too good...but I made it through :)

I'm using patches after having tried everything else under the sun, hypnotherapy, Zyban, Champix, inhalers, gum, lozenges, and even the patches I have tried many times... you name it I tried it LOL but I've never made it this far though

I downloaded Allen Carr's Scandal eBook from a link I saw here a couple of days ago and it has helped heaps...I have his Easyway dvd and had the book from the library...they didn't help much when I watched and read those ones....guess it took a few reads to really sink in LOL

I've armed myself with books from the library (I love to read) to help keep me distracted and of course registered here to help keep me motivated...so here's fingers crossed :D


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Hi LissaE and welcome to the forum. Most of us lurked before we made ourselves known so dont worry about it. So Day one is over and done with and never has to be done again, that's great. In the early days I remember saying to myself " I choose not to smoke for the next hour" and then repeating that time and time again, it soon becomes "i choose not to smoke today" and from there you go on to weeks and months.

Reading is the key, there are loads of links on here which will really help.

Glad to have you on board, read loads, post often and well done on reaching day 2.

Thanx for the welcome Bev :)

I find myself thinking about smoking constantly LOL not so much as in wanting a smoke...just thinking about it....I tell myself this is normal as it has been a part of my life for such a long time and imagine those thoughts as being like water flowing in a river...floating through and right on past lol it helps...I'm just about to read the link in your signature :D

Hi Lisse and welcome. Big well done on getting to day 2. Bev is so right (bad english I know!!) just try to look at it as a choice as in I chose to smoke and now I choose not to smoke. Take one crave and one day at a time and you will be well away. Also as Bev as said reading is key, I found the links others post in their signatures really helpful.

Good luck and keep posting :)

Thanx Tinker :)

I'm now into my third hour of waking up to a smoke free morning for the second time...I've beaten that early morning crisis twice now and am confident I can keep doing it lol 4 more hours and I will technically be into Day 3 lol

Not so long ago...just days really, I never thought I could make it even one day without a smoke...and I am so grateful that it hasn't been the agonising toughness I was expecting LOL

*hugz and good morning to all*

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